Note: Downloads are disabled for now while we're working on the first release candidates, please stay tuned
For now, you may download an experimental prerelease (quickly assembled and mostly untested) right here

Before you download, you should read the End User License Agreement unless you have a specific license key and license to apply

Gonuts is small - small enough to put everything into a single archive for download.
You'll find folders for each supported platform:
Win32 (Windows XP,7,8 and 10)
Linux ARM32 for all Raspberry PI variants, Beaglebone and more embedded Linux boards
Linux AMD64 for the "big machines" (usually Servers)

Notice: We're testing and compiling gonuts on Debian

Finally, click a download link for the archive type of your choice:

ZIP-Archive tar.gz

The archive should contain:
gonuts executable (basic,free license)
pxlib.pnut library
densqlite module
densqratthread module
denguuid module (linux only)
dendbi module (linux only)
DenAPI sources
module sources

Debugging tools
You may want to download these debugging tools:
Integrated Visual Studio 2008 MSI as published by Alberto Demichelis works well with gonuts. The source and plugin binaries can be found here
Also Nutcracker is a mini-IDE for Squirrel which works fine with gonuts after a simple configuation tweak
There is also an outdated [URL=]Eclipse Plugin[/URL] we unfortunately didn't manage to sucessfully test, however we did not put much effort into this yet and it may work with older Eclipse versions?